The Realm goes to New York for collective behaviour hackathon

Collaborative Workshop on Modelling Collective Behavior

The Realm team have been invited to take the prototype to the 4th Collaborative Workshop on Modelling Collective Behaviour in June. Taking place at Pioneer Works in Brooklyn this three-day intensive workshop will bring the best minds working with collective behaviour phenomena together to help hack and enhance our models.

The aim of the workshop is to bring together collective behaviour specialists for a 3-day hackathon, to work on selected projects in order to enhance models, interrogate data sets, and improve algorithms; to further advance thinking and research in the field.   This is the fourth workshop of its kind bringing together scientific researchers to tackle collective behaviour phenomena from differing perspectives, but the first time a contribution has been invited from an interdisciplinary arts project.   Contributing to the workshop will have myriad benefits to the project: fostering new collaborations and bringing additional expertise into the project, and exploring the potential for other applications, such as data visualization and educational tools.

Heather, Quentin and Daniel will travel to New York and will be joined by computational scientists: Matthew Lutz, Teodoro Dannemann and William Chang. The workshop is organised by Jason Graham (Scranton University), James Curley (UT Austin) & Simon Garnier (NJIT) and funded by NSF OAC Public Access Initiative.